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During Ally's short life, our family was helped and supported by so many people. There was obviously huge support from Ally's Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, God Parents and so many of our close friends, not to mention the amount of love given to Ally from her brothers Jay and Ethan, and her sister Kasey.

In addition to all this, there were many people who we met along the way and so many of them played a huge part in both keeping Ally as healthy as possible, and keeping us focused and positive. To those of you involved in Ally's life in any way at all, no matter how small, we are eternally grateful for everything you all did.

We would like to say a special thankyou to some of the hospital staff we got to know quite well, and while we don't mention surnames, you all know who you are. Thank you:

Sarah - SCBU, Lincoln

Kathy - Recovery, Lincoln

Abi - PICU, Nottingham

Sam - PICU, Nottingham

Dougie - Ruston Ward, Lincoln

Nita - CICU, Leicester

Vicky - CICU, Leicester

Maggie - CICU, Leicester

Rhea - CICU, Leicester

Raghu - CICU, Leicester

Jenny - CICU / Transport, Leicester

David - Pharmacy, Leicester

Beth - Physio, Leicester

Hannah - Physio, Leicester

Hannah - Ward 12, Leicester

Anna - Ward 12, Leicester

Morag - Ruston Ward, Lincoln

Shirley - Ruston Ward, Lincoln

Chris - Ruston Ward, Lincoln

Claire - Ruston Ward, Lincoln

Donna - Ruston Ward, Lincoln

Clair - Ruston Ward, Lincoln

Hannah - Ruston Ward, Lincoln

Julie - Ruston Ward, Lincoln

Helen - Ruston Ward, Lincoln

Amie - Ruston Ward, Lincoln

Sara-Jane - Ruston Ward, Lincoln

Kristie - Ruston Ward, Lincoln

Caroline - Ruston Ward, Lincoln

Alison - Ruston Ward, Lincoln

Pat - Ruston Ward, Lincoln

Mary - Community Nurse, Lincoln

Nichola - Community Nurse, Lincoln

Jo - Health Visitor, Sleaford

There are so many other people we want to thank but although we know the faces very well, we, unfortunately, don't know the names to go with them. This mainly includes lots of different doctors from Nottingham and Leicester and especially those from Lincoln.

We would also like to say a huge thank you to all of the girls on the Mother & Baby Magazine Forum, Ask A Mum. An incredible amount of donations were made from the girls upon hearing about Ally's diagnosis. Not only that but they were always there when we needed someone to talk to and they provided us with a huge amount of support when we needed it the most.

Thanks also go to Barry Rooke of Rooke & Son Funeral Directors from Digby, Dennis from Walcott and Revd. Sarah Lawrence from the Car Dyke Parish for all their help and support during the days after Ally's death.

And finally, thank you to Steve and Nick for carrying Ally in to, and out of, the church at her funeral. A task that couldn't have been easy, but meant so much to us. We are sure Ally was as proud of you as we were.